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When we were able to purchase dresses and suits for ALL our artists in both Kenya and Uganda, and another small group of women in Kenya we occasionally work with we went on to purchase shoes! Here are some of the Kenyan artist's with their new shoes! I love seeing what they choose for their new attire!

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You may remember Lucy (also known as Betty) from earlier this year - she had her teeth beat out of her when she was a former child soldier - and we were able to purchase her a set of false teeth! Such excitement! Lucy was captured at only 9 years old and forced to be a child soldier. She has 3 children now and says she really wants to learn how to read and write and also how to use a computer. When Lucy received her dress she said "first it was fixing ma teeth, now a dress and shoes....aahhhh thank you thank you, if u could enter my heart, you would see the joy in it." This dress is so stunning!...

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Joyce is a former child soldier living in rural Uganda. She has four children - one little baby just welcomed this year! (little Benedicto) Joyce shared her thoughts on her new dress: " no one is going to laugh at me this Christmas because l will be having a new dress and shoes.... and be like everyone else" Joyce - you look beautiful! Love the fabric and style you chose!

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I first met Everlyne in 2012 in Kibera slums in Kenya. She is the leader of a small group of women who are HIV+ and working together to make a living. As she often says they're "living positive." It seems every time I visit this group has done some new venture. The first visit in 2012 they had their group where they made jewelry and items to sell to support themselves. The next visit saw they had added a day care where they provided reasonably priced child care so other women in Kibera could go and work. Then they added a hair salon - where they did hair for a living, but also taught others the skills so they in...

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Agnes and Benedetta

Two of our artists in Uganda have their dresses complete now! These women are both former child soldiers with the LRA. Today they are partners and sisters with us! Meet Benedetta... Benedetta is a mother of 5 children and full of life! You look beautiful!   Meet Agnes...  Agnes was abducted at age 14. Her mother was beaten to death in front of Agnes when she cried out for the soldiers not to take her daughter. Agnes lived in fear for 16 years - scared to try to escape. Scared to stay in the war. Finally she managed to leave the war with her 6 children. And then she met this group of women making jewelry who invited her to...

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