Agnes and Benedetta

Two of our artists in Uganda have their dresses complete now! These women are both former child soldiers with the LRA. Today they are partners and sisters with us!

Meet Benedetta...

Benedetta is a mother of 5 children and full of life! You look beautiful!


Meet Agnes... 

Agnes was abducted at age 14. Her mother was beaten to death in front of Agnes when she cried out for the soldiers not to take her daughter. Agnes lived in fear for 16 years - scared to try to escape. Scared to stay in the war. Finally she managed to leave the war with her 6 children. And then she met this group of women making jewelry who invited her to join them. Today Agnes is one of our artists who is making a living through her jewelry skills. JustOne life changed.

Here she is in her custom made dress in the fabric she chose - I love it!

Keep watch for more dresses to come! 


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