Just one story

We love stories - and would love to hear your story of how you are choosing to live, love and fight injustice - or how you have seen it lived out by others. Occasionally we will be sharing these on our blog. 

Also, we encourage you to send in photos of yourself with your JUST ONE purchase. This purchase may seem like an insignificant act - but each item not only financially supports the artisans who made it find their way out of poverty... but it is also a badge of honour. A way of saying - I may be JUST ONE, but I am one who is making a difference. 

And please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions! We encourage you to share in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Youtubeour blog, and Pinterest

Perhaps you have an organization you feel would be a fit for JUST ONE to support - we'd love to hear about them and see their beautiful handiwork! 
Interested in sharing the JUST ONE story? We are available for home parties, lunchroom parties at your workplace, and speaking to groups. Contact us to set something up today!