I first met Everlyne in 2012 in Kibera slums in Kenya. She is the leader of a small group of women who are HIV+ and working together to make a living. As she often says they're "living positive." It seems every time I visit this group has done some new venture. The first visit in 2012 they had their group where they made jewelry and items to sell to support themselves. The next visit saw they had added a day care where they provided reasonably priced child care so other women in Kibera could go and work. Then they added a hair salon - where they did hair for a living, but also taught others the skills so they in turn could make a living. And now today I received Everlyne's photo of her dress - and an update from this incredible woman. She has started a centre in the rural area for women who are living with HIV/Aids and who are widow and abandoned. Thank you Everlyne for all your work and loving in such practical ways!

Here she is in her dress looking beautiful!

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