Who is JustOne?

Meet KRISTA....

I am married to my college sweetheart for 22 years now! We have three amazing daughters ranging in age from 4 to 16! I love to laugh, play games, read, travel, learn and enjoy time with those I love. In 2012, I was thrilled to win a national photography contest to go to Uganda, Africa. While in Uganda, I met former child soldiers from Kony's army, AIDS victims, countless orphans and people struggling to meet their basic needs... and yet I also saw hope. One afternoon, I had the privilege to spend time in the home of a beautiful young woman. A woman who had been abducted at age 10. She was forced to kill, to become a child bride and mother, and had everything she cared for taken from her. Age ten. The same age as my oldest daughter was at the time. I had heard the term "birth lottery" before, but at that moment it became real. What if I had been born in Uganda rather than Canada. What if that had been my daughter. I prayed for a way to use the knowledge of all I had seen and heard on this trip - and other recent trips to El Salvador and Haiti. And then it happened. 

People began to notice my necklace I had purchased as a souvenir in Uganda. They were complimenting it - but also listening to the stories of the hands who had made it. On my photography blog I asked if anyone would like to buy their own necklace to support the artisans. 

In two weeks over 200 necklaces were sold. A waiting list grew and grew and... JustOne was conceived.
Krista is the chief story teller at JustOne - telling stories through photos, words and video on FacebookTwitterinstagram, Pinterest  and wherever people will listen with their ears, eyes and hearts. Krista is available for speaking engagements. 
Krista can be reached by email by clicking HERE.

Meet JACK....

Jack is an artist and a leader in Kibera slums, Kenya. His group makes stunning jewelry from bones, brass, cow horn and more. We love seeing what they will design next!  But Jack is also a leader - not only to his own group of artists, but in their community. He cares about the people and Kibera deeply.  Jack is our main contact in Kenya - contacting other artists for us researching information on community needs, doing banking and helping in so many countless ways. Jack always inspires and encourages us, and has become like a brother. 

"I always dream that my children go to better schools and have good life in future, not the kind of life I went thru and I'm also hoping that one day they will play a big role to become change makers, by helping other people in the society." Jack



Meet KETTY....

Ketty knows first hand what it is like to be unemployed and discouraged - as she was once in that same position. She used her creativity to launch a company using fashion design to end poverty in her community of Gulu, Uganda. Now Ketty is passionate about empowering other women so they too are able to care for themselves. Her big dream is to end poverty in her community. Ketty is an artist and a leader. She uses her leadership skills to advise, encourage and educate other women in Uganda. Ketty is our main Ugandan contact who contacts the other groups for us, arranges Skype dates, follows up on orders and helps with banking.  We love her joyful attitude, her honesty and her willingness to give of her time and talents so generously. 

JustOne is more than just Krista. Or Ketty. Or Jack..... it's all of us together. It's you and me. On our own the task to change lives is overwhelming - but when we all do our part the task becomes more manageable. Lives are changed.  

By purchasing jewelry from JustOne you are making a statement not just in your fashion choices - but in how you live. A statement that you are offering a hand up to brothers and sisters across the globe to a better life. 

By telling others about JustOne when they compliment you (and they will!) you are giving others the opportunity to join in the story of world change.  

Together we can make a difference!