Sweet 16

 I remember my sixteenth birthday... I was so excited to turn that magical age when I could drive and my parents would allow me to date finally. My concerns revolved around clothes, friends and boys. 

 Today is Malala Day. 

 If you are unfamiliar with Malala, she made international headlines last year when the Taliban in her native Pakistan shot her in her neck and head as she made her way home from school. Why was she shot? Because she made it known that she stood for the rights of education for girls. 

 Today is Malala's 16th birthday. Instead of celebrating driving and dating - she celebrated by giving a powerful speech to the UN and having today known as "Malala Day". Her passionate speech reminded me of this verse I loved as a teen... "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."  (1 Timothy 4:12). 

 At Just One we believe change starts with ONE. We loved this quote from Malala's speech: "One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world."

 Everywhere we went on our African trip we asked people - shop keepers, taxi drivers and people we came into contact with wherever we went we asked what was needed in their country for change. Over and over we heard the same answer - education. 

 One school we went to really moved us - right in Kibera slums in Kenya there was a small school where our friend Padox was the head master. This school educated the poorest of the poor - children who would not be able to have an education otherwise. We were sad to hear recently how his school was not able to fund the rest of the school year and had damage done to their small school during the rainy season. For much of the school year they were only running at half of their capacity due to lack of funds. After the rainsy season, they had to end the school year early. Children who were eager to learn and go to school unable to because of funds and rain. 

 We are committed to being world changers... and everything we read and hear says that means education for all. In the coming months watch for ways to support this school in Kibera knowing that by working together, we can change live and in return, our world. 

 In case you missed her speech - I posted it below and some of her best quotes from it can be read HERE

 Happy Malala Day! In her words... be peaceful and love everybody!


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