What If

Sigh. You all overwhelm me. 


If it was just me doing the work of JustOne it would be nothing. It is each and every one of you - making a purchase, sharing the stories, helping out behind the scenes and contributing where you can with what you can. 

So when I posted about the 40 Dress Campaign I shouldn't have been nervous - you are all amazing and supportive and love our artists. But I was nervous. What if people didn't get the vision? What if I announce this idea - and everyone shrugs their shoulders and moves on to the next thing in their newsfeed. What if... 

But I guess that's it. Doing crazy acts of love, moving towards the world we want for our children, and offering a hand up is full of "What Ifs". But there's one "What If" that motivates me more than any other. 

What if I did nothing? 

What if I saw a need, and ignored it? What if I could make a difference and decided I'd like to watch Netflix instead? What if...

So, I swallowed my "What if no one supports the 40 Dress Campaign" and replaced it with "What if I don't share my idea?" And I knew I had to do it. 

And, you "got" the vision. The response has been overwhelming and so beautiful. People thanking us for this opportunity. But wait - we want to thank you. And the artists want to share their thankfulness. But you also want to thank them for all they do. Ahhh - it's a crazy thankful circle! 

I have to share with you the response we received this morning from our artists in Uganda. We had waited to tell them that they'd each be receiving a new dress until we knew it would be a reality. Today was the day to tell them - I sent them a video explaining we think they are so beautiful and have such incredible worth and we wanted to celebrate them. I think you'll be able to tell by their response how they feel.... (warning it's loud). 

And again thank you. Thank you. For the incredible response. If we go over what we need for all our artists - we will look at shoes and other supplies as well. Stay tuned!

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