I am so Proud

I am so proud.


I have been thinking about that phrase over these last couple days as I have heard it a few times from different women in Uganda and it leaves me mulling over what I am proud of. What is it in my life that lets me hold my head high and feel pride in an accomplishment?


Through their time at Living Hope, these women’s dignity is being restored and they have so much to be proud of now.  We have heard…..


“I am so proud I can write my own name.”


“I am so proud I can fill out my own form at the bank now.”


“I am proud to be able to sign my child up for school without help.”


“I am proud of my grey hair because it means I have lived long.”


“I am proud I can carry this heavy bag, because I am strong even with being HIV positive.”


“I am proud to stay alive long enough to see my grandchildren.”


“I am proud of what I have made.”


And I realize again, how much I can be proud of but often take for granted. My education. My health. My accomplishments.


Today, I choose to hold my head high and be thankful. 

(This is Jean Kaggwa - she thanked us for loving her. Not hard to do, Jean!)

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