While preparing to go to Uganda in June, I was nervous to go to Gulu. You see, Gulu is in the Northern part of Uganda where Kony and the LRA had hit hardest. I read warnings saying not to go. But, I still signed a waiver with Watoto to say I'd go to Gulu... and on day one of my first trip to Africa made the journey there not knowing what to expect. 

I loved it. 

A country girl at heart, I loved the rural and smaller size of Gulu in comparison to the noise and bustle of Kampala. But I also loved the people. They were the first to win me over in Uganda. People who had seen the worst this world has to offer - and yet smiled, hugged and who had learned the art of forgiveness and grace. It was beautiful. 

So this time when I head back to Uganda, I have more say in our agenda. The top of my list? 


Here's a video of Watoto's work in Gulu - this was my first time watching it since my trip. So different watching it recognizing faces - Christine who could inspire a cold, hard rock - this woman is amazing. Prossy, who I had the honour of visiting in her home one on one. And more beautiful faces and stories came to mind. Makes me eager to go. 

We fly out Saturday night but it will be Monday before we arrive up in Gulu. Please visit back here and journey with us as we will be posting about the trip as we find wifi connections! 

Project Gulu - March '12 from Watoto on Vimeo.

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