Happy 3rd Birthday

Three years ago today, JustOne launched. It's been a lot of work and some days I wonder if we're making a difference at all - but then I remember our mantra that helping just one person can change our world. JustOne might be making small steps in our world - but we are making steps. Steps towards change, hope and a better future for all. 

I think back over three years and I think of the countless lives we've connected with in our work in Kenya and Uganda. I think of small victories like... Lucy's teeth , birth certificates for our artists, sending artists for medical care when needed, bringing underwear and washable/reusable sanitary napkins for young women (so they can stay in school), hundreds upon hundreds of Give 5 bags distributed, helping purchase supplies after a fire destroyed 37 homes in Kibera, celebrating holidays with our artists, bringing safety supplies (googles, coveralls, masks, gloves, etc) for our artists, celebrating Fathers Day and Mother's Day, offering a micro financing loan so one artist group could build a new workshop and much more (and most of that listed was just this year alone!). 

Looking back at the past three years, we are blown away by the support of people throughout North America. People who have stepped up and said - we want to do something too! Who have given of time, effort and funds. Who have donated items when needs arise. Who have shopped and shared about JustOne. Who have encouraged us. Thank you. 

We might not (yet!) be helping thousands, eradicating diseases, or making headlines - but we keep plugging away knowing we are doing what we can with what we have to make a difference in the lives of Jack, Ketty, Grace, Lillian, Alice, Veronica, Jennifer, Oryem, Catherine, Margaret, and .... (the list goes on!) And in return, our lives are being impacted along the way!  

Thank you so much for being a part of JustOne over the last three years! Here is a photo of myself listening to a group of former child soldiers we now partner with through JustOne. This is one main goal of ours - to listen to their needs, desires and hearts. To listen. To not assume what they need. To treat each other as equals. And we're committed to continue doing this and seeing where it leads!

Happy Birthday JustOne!


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  • Sue Jean

    Congratulations, Happy 3rd Anniversary! You are doing amazing things and I wouldn’t call any of those victories “small”. You should be SO SO SO proud. I’m proud to know you!

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