Katie's Fashion Tips: V-Neck Shirts

A v­-neck t-­shirt can be a challenging style to wear jewellery with. Long necklace, short necklace, what looks best?

The answer is simple... all lengths look great.

If you are pairing your v­-neck t-­shirt with a great pair of boyfriend jeans for a casual look, I suggest layering necklaces of different lengths. When layering necklaces, choose styles that are on thin chains.

If you are heading to the office, a v­-neck under a blazer is a great look. V­-neck's make you appear taller and slimmer. At work you can dress up your v-­neck with a beautiful statement piece that sits just above the collar of your shirt.

My favourite way to dress up a simple outfit is to throw on my favourite jeans, a white loose fitting v-­neck, and the long triangle tassel bone necklace. And if you are looking to add a pop of colour, the blue white and brown fringe necklace from JustOne is perfect, and so is the pink paper bead fringe necklace!


Katie and her husband have three young children that keep them active and enjoying life.  She is a professional photographer and a former journalist and newspaper editor. Katie has been involved with choosing which items to carry for JustOne and helping with designing new pieces. Her love of fashion will be featured weekly on our blog to show ways to wear JustOne pieces with today's trends. 

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