Happy Father's Day!

Today we celebrate Fathers around the world! We know that there is a real need for Fathers - for men to be brave enough to love and care for the next generation in words and in actions. And we are so thrilled to see so many great examples of dads. Today, as we celebrate our own fathers - we also celebrate the dads who are part of JustOne. 

In Kenya... 

Our one group we work with in Kenya has both men and women working there. In our visits, we have seen some great examples of loving dads among this group. Let me introduce Kennedy... 

Kennedy is a father to four children. He is shown here with his youngest son "Bill Clinton". And yes, he also has a daughter named "Hillary" (and children Claris and Lizzy).We asked him why he named his children after US presidents. He named them after people he respected - and also because his own name is a US president (Kennedy). His hopes for his children are that they will receive a good education so they can reach their visions. His favourite thing about being a father is seeing his children do well. Kennedy is often seen with his little shadow, Bill Clinton, and is always smiling and laughing alongside his children. We love his happy spirit and love for his children!










Our good friend Jack has always impressed us with his love for his children, Wendy and Prince. We would be going to run errands or to visit people with Jack, and he was always happy to bring his kids along with us (as you can see in this photo). He also hopes for better education for his children so they can have a good life with their families. Jack says that playing with his children helps takes the stress away and makes him very happy. 

Jack said: "I would say my greatest achievement in life right now - my greatest achievement period is - and I'm still trying to achieve it - is to be a wonderful father to my kids." 

We know that Jack is a definitely wonderful father to his children - we love his great example to his kids, and so many others!



Oryem is the only male member of our paper bead group in Uganda. He is a former child soldier who lost his leg when he stepped on a land mine while in the line of fire during the war. Today he's a great leader and kind soul. He is gifted in making our paper beads and instructs the women on how to make them too. Him and his wife (also a former child soldier) have 5 children to care for.  










We are thankful for all the Fathers working with JustOne. To celebrate them - we sent gifts of food and supplies to them all. Happy Father's Day!!!

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