JustOne Person: Meaghan

Meaghan is an incredible person as she is a "do-er" - she sees a need, and she fills it. It has been an absolute joy to get to know her as she always encourages and inspires me! I love her attitude and generosity. She has this quote at the bottom of her emails by Mahatma Gandhi and I just love it:  “You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.” 

JustOne Introduction

I have a heart for child welfare, social justice & seeing our world become a better place for all. I have a wanderers soul & love to travel & see the many gems our world has to offer including the inspiring people that live in it. I find value in the moments that I'm giving back especially when it involves working with youth, enabling them to see their value & worth in the world. They are our future! One random fact about me is I have a few weird fears: clouds (up close), revolving doors & sloths. They are just way to creepy looking for me!

JustOne Way to Give Back

This past year I have created a couple of initiatives that impact areas of real importance to me: victims of human trafficking & youth in foster care. Back in November I started a campaign to collect pj's sets for those being rescued from human trafficking. The community & our local police service rallied around it. Over 500 pairs were collected & allowed the impact to be reached beyond trafficking victims but also to those coming out of domestic & sexual violence situations. I've also just started a new campaign, The Suitcase Project, where I'm asking for people to donate new or gently used suitcases & duffel bags to be then given to youth in the foster care system. So many of these youth move from home to home with their belongings coming with them in trash bags. They deserve to feel that they are valued and they matter.

JustOne Reason

I went into foster care at age 15 so my experience in the child welfare system and all that comes along with it, has given me this first-hand experience in to many areas. I came out on the other side of it in one piece but with enough scars to know I wanted it to be different & better for all those who come into the system. So I chose to use my story and my voice to be one for those who don't have one. To shine a light on the issues that these kids face day to day and how we can help come along side them and build them up for the bright futures they deserve.

JustOne thing learned

I have learned that I easily could have stayed a victim in my circumstances. Let my past be who I am. But I chose very early on to not let my past define me but to let it be a tool to create change. I've also learned that we have some amazing youth in our world! They have a wonderful spark to them & we have the responsibility to ignite that for them! In a time where our world has become so very self-absorbed, we really need to come along our youth today as support and encouragement.

JustOne Inspiration

I just recently watched the documentary 'Half the Sky' by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. It was truly inspiring and I have encouraged anyone and everyone to carve out a good chunk of time and watch it! Best investment of your time!

JustOne Thought

Though it may seem like your idea or action is small I can assure you it's making an impact! I tell so many youth that we don't even see half the impact we make in our actions because they can reach far beyond what we can see. That also can be said about negative impacts. But I always say this because I even feel sometimes that the world is so big & filled with so many hardships...how can I as one person make any sort of difference? But I have been reminded many times the impact an action can have & is what inspires me to keep fighting the good fight!

JustOne Afterthought

Just that each of us have so much to give and in stepping out and giving we receive so much in return!!

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