JustOne's African bandana with orange and blue patterns on it

African Binch Bandanna

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These Bandannas are full of colour and character!

They are versatile with reversible sides and can be used for both style and as a bib. Two options for sizing at the back with snaps. 

Africana fabric handpicked from Malama Thomas Street in Freetown Sierra Leone.

Any Liners or non-Africana fabric are from re-purposed cloth known in Krio as “Junks”. The black side is so soft - and just gets softer with each wash! 


Made from 100% cotton

This item comes pre-washed.

Care Instructions:

Wash cold

Tumble dry low

*Items will not all be exactly alike.*

Our world changing fashion is all individually handcrafted, and therefore small imperfections, differences in shape, size and colour can happen and are part of the charm of a handmade product - reminding us an actual person made this item just for you.