She Loves


Welcome sisters! 

SHELOVES mission is to: To mobilize and empower women, so we may transform our world together.

We have found another way to do just this! JustOne is an organization that is changing women's lives through the sales of their handmade merchandise. Women no longer need to be identified by their past or by their circumstances - HIV positive, former child soldier, poverty stricken... - are adjectives that have been replaced by - entrepreneur, empowered, women of dignity. Each item sold at JustOne is packaged with the story of the women's lives you are helping to change. And we thank you for entering the story, and empowering and encouraging women in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. 

When you make a purchase at JustOne please use the promo code "SheLoves" - and a portion of your purchase will go back to support the work of SHELOVES. That means your purchase will support women in Africa, SHELOVES, and also give you a beautiful accessory to wear! A reminder that we are all sisters and supporting one another. 

Let us be women who Love loudly, beautifully, Divinely.

Let us be women who Love.