Our Story

"In 2012, I was thrilled to win a national photography contest to go to Uganda, Africa. While in Uganda, I met former child soldiers from Kony's army, AIDS victims, countless orphans and people struggling to meet their basic needs... and yet I also saw hope. One afternoon, I had the privilege to spend time in the home of a beautiful young woman. A woman who had been abducted at age 10. She was forced to kill, to become a child bride and mother, and had everything she cared for taken from her. Age ten. The same age as my oldest daughter was at the time. I had heard the term "birth lottery" before, but at that moment it became real. What if I had been born in Uganda rather than Canada. What if that had been my daughter. I prayed for a way to use the knowledge of all I had seen and heard on this trip - and other recent trips to El Salvador and Haiti. And then it happened. People began to notice my necklace I had purchased as a souvenir in Uganda. They were complimenting it - but also listening to the stories of the hands who had made it. On my photography blog I asked if anyone would like to buy their own necklace to support the artisans. In two weeks over 200 necklaces were sold. A waiting list grew and grew and... JustOne was conceived."
-Krista Jefferson, Founder