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Community visits

I started to write about day two in Kenya yesterday but was too tired to finish it all. Now it's early morning here. Cars are on the roads outside our guesthouse honking and the crazy boda bodas (motorcycles) I can hear whipping by. The roosters are announcing its morning. But what is keeping me awake this early is that while I sleep under my mosquito net - there's one mosquito in here too. One mosquito buzzing around taunting me. So I'm awake fully now as he laughs at me swatting at him - no where near him though. So let's go back to yesterday while I do my best to ignore this pesky mosquito and pray my malaria pills work....

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Welcome to Kenya

It's hard to believe we are already done two days in Kenya. It has been such a great visit and we (myself and my family) will try to share just a taste of what we have seen and done. We landed in Kenya Monday around 2:45pm but by the time we got through customs (took over an hour and a half), luggage, found a taxi and fought the Nairobi traffic to our guest house it was nearly 6pm. We did not want to get to kibera slums in the dark but didn't want to wait one more minute to see our friends. We decided to go for it - we dropped our luggage and went! Wearing the same clothes we had...

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JustOne trip 2017

Each year we visit our artisan partners in Kenya and Uganda. This is a time of visiting, discussing needs and concerns, designing, dreaming, encouraging and being encouraged and reconnecting. This year is extra special as my family - my husband and two daughters (ages 12 and 14) - are joining me for the first time! We will arrive in Kenya on march 6 and will be sharing our trip experiences here.

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