Just trying

Our contacts in Kenya have been communicating with us about the upcoming March 4th elections in Kenya. The last elections back in 2007 erupted in violence and an estimated 1,000 people were killed. 

Ever since we met Jack in November, he has impressed both of us. A former street youth who has created a bone jewelry factory and business to help other youths stay off the street, fight poverty and make a living. Jack is always inspiring to talk to and incredibly helpful and dependable. 

Chatting with him yesterday he mentioned he was at a "Global Issues Summit" where he was discussing how he is trying to counter the potential post-election violence. As a group, they are trying to educate the community in the importance of conceding if your candidate doesn't get elected. He's a spokesman for peace. 

I said "you are such a great leader" (which he is!) to which he replied "Just trying". 

Just trying. 

That's it - isn't it? We don't know if our actions or words will make an impact, but we have a choice to try or not. It would be easy to sit back and say "we can't stop things" or "we can't make a difference." But we can try. 

I choose to try. 

I don't know how things will turn out - just like Jack does not know how things will go on March 4th - but I choose to try. Thank you Jack for inspiring change in your own country - and across the globe. Today - right now - I chose to try. 

Note: Please remember our Kenyan friends in your prayers as we get closer to the elections! Here are a few photos from our time in Kenya in November... good reminders! 

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