JustOneKenya2015: Day 7

Today is day one of traveling home. We woke up early and started the long drive to Entebbe. I love watching the countryside sights as we drive (in between me napping!). Our driver, Godfrey, was such a great driver and so much fun - made the drive that much more enjoyable. We did have someone bump us and end up in the ditch - but it was minor and quickly on our way. And then we did have a truck spill over on it's side just ahead of us so we had to take a bumpy detour down some very rural roads. But a good driver you can trust is so essential. 

We got to the airport early and tried to see if there was an earlier flight to Nairobi but no luck. So now we will get into Nairobi around 8:30 - and then fly to ENgland at 11:30. A day in England and then HOME!

The trip has been so amazing, exhausting and beyond rewarding.I will miss my family here - but eager to see my family at home! I just received exciting news - four of our friends had their birth certificates go through. They still gave them a hard time, and the other 7 have to go back tomorrow.... but we're getting there!! 
Some of the view along the drive today - lots of dust, bicycles, people standing around watching, and in the truck photos, look at how they layer their passengers, cattle on bottom, people on top! 
Now to journey home with a full heart!!

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