My name is?

When we were in Kenya last year, repeatedly in conversations it came up the need for identification. It was a stress and concern for our artists - for themselves and their children. It's not just about having your name on a piece of paper - it's about knowing you exist. And letting your government know too! A name, birthdate and information recorded is not only your identification - it's also your door to a future. It protects you from being exploited and trafficked. It opens doors to education, bank accounts and security. 

Recently I was talking to a contact in Kenya and gave him a list of items that I felt they needed. I asked him which was their top priority. Without hesitation he answered birth certificates. 

For this reason - we are starting to collect funds to purchase birth certificates - with a goal of seeing all our artists and their children with one!

Purchase one in full today ($30) - or put funds towards the purchase of one if you can not pay for a full one. To do so visit HERE

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